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Western Shrink Wrap is Canada and Western USA's #1 award winning choice for Supplying and Installing shrink wrap and shrink wrap accessories. We offer superior service and quality and are known for our ability to handle any size job. Western Shrink Wrap offers over 25 years of shrink wrap experience and employs only the best installers, as well as, team players. 
Western Shrink Wrap has been nominated for best employer, under 25 employees, as well as best Community Impact. As we grow, so do our accomplishments! 
Please feel free to call any one of us to discuss your upcoming job or any comments you have regarding what we do, anytime! 
western shrink wrap


Shrink-wrap is a white thermoplastic material that, when heated, shrinks up to 25% of its surface dimension forming a protective 'plastic-coated shell'. The shrink-wrap process is the most versatile and economical system available in the market today. From boats and large machinery to damaged homes or bridge construction. Shrink-wrap can be used for outdoor storage, shipping or containments for hazmat. As well, as commercial and industrial job sites.  All of our shrink-wrap contains UV inhibitors and is known for its resistance to severe weather.

Western Shrink Wrap Limited's flame retardent, strong, durable, versatile and low maintenance shrink-wrap films have been formulated to a superior industrial containment sheeting that has set the new standard in the shrink-wrap industry. We carry various construction shrink-wrap fire-rated and non fire-rated, sizes and thickness for all types of construction projects, weather protection and environmental applications.

western shrink wrap
​Tight Fit Long Lasting - guaranteed up to a year! 
Hard-Wearing - reduces costs for repair 
Versatile - fits any size or shape 
Recyclable Looks clean and neat


*Scaffold Enclosures *Boat Covers *Shelters *Dry Docks *Off-Shore Rigs *Weather-Proof Storage *Bridges *Water Towers *Tanks *Environmental Protection *Worker Protection *Transportation *Residential Protection


*Premium Polyethylene Film *Heavy Duty, Flame Retardent & UV Treated *Waterproof, Seamless & Low Maintainence *Attaches to Any Structure *Available in different thickness', depending on need